Orienteering and Navigation Skills Courses For All Groups and Staff Team Building Activities

Bushsports Orienteering and Navigation are fun for team building activities. For 10-200 people. Available in Sydney, on The Gold Coast, The Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands.
Develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills.
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Each Bushsports outdoor team development program is customised to meet your business or corporate adventure team objectives.

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Bushsports provides orienteering and navigation skills training courses. Designed and facilitated to get your staff on track with excellent search and retrieve. Including team building activities, corporate training to overcome challenges and outdoor adventure skill development.

Get your staff bearings and team bushwalking in or around Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Central Coast. Navigation and Orienteering in the Gold Coast on private properties or around the Hunter Valley!

As Paddy Pallin exclaimed – “uncertain at times, but never truly lost!”

Navigation and Orienteering Activities area ideal for improving teamwork and staff connection:

We cover all the basics of navigation + more practice.  sydney adventures enquiry link

  • skills developing using a map and compass
  • GPS understanding coordinates and positioning tools
  • bonding a new team
  • developing and improving teamwork
  • providing problem solving teamwork outdoor adventure activities and
  • team initiatives
  • strengthen communication skills
  • find the strategic direction
  • decision making skills
  • leadership development

Teams learn hands on ‘experientially’, the skills of orienteering and navigation by maps, features, topography, geography, compass bearings, sun, iPhones and GPS systems.

Orienteering or Navigation Skills Staff Training for Strategic Direction coupled with Decision Making and Problem Solving

Ever wonder why people have different perspectives and the most explicit directional instructions still have people getting lost? Bushsports Orienteering activities will reinforce your teams focus.

Team Building Orienteering & navigation skills are learnt and practiced before teams set off to locate checkpoint markers set in a bushland, city or urban setting.

Secure marker information, locating checkpoint markers, planning distance and terrain over time.

Accomplish a fun team development challenge with outdoor activities.

Teams intersect to complete teamwork scenarios with facilitators.
Mix n Match desired activities

  • negotiating a electric fence,
  • avoid hazards,
  • clearing through spiders web initiative activities,
  • problem solving puzzles
  • overcoming obstacles whilst bushwalking to selected navigation route markers.

Never GET LOST – Bushsports Provide your Staff the best fun Orienteering and Bushwalking Nav Courses

  • Skilled staff trainers and Facilitators who teach you the fundamnetal skills of navigation with and without devices
  • Maps 1:25,000 / 1:10,000 scale
  • Compasses and/or
  • GPS devices and smart Phones
  • Great team building fun to bond the team
  • Accomplishment of learning life-long navigational and survival skills
  • Unique shared team experiences in bushland or urban settings around Sydney or The Gold Coast.

Navigation Course Team Building Skills Training Outcomes

  • Planning systems
  • Map Reading skills
  • Legends & Scale
  • Map & Grid References
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Contour Lines & Interval
  • Map Orientation
  • Feature based route planning
  • Landform Identification & Topography
  • Time Management
  • True, Magnetic & Grid North
  • Bearings & Back Bearings
  • Compass work
  • Basic Navigation by Sun and GPS
  • Geo Caching
  • Search and Rescue Scenarios.

Orienteering exercises are taught and practiced before teams set off to locate checkpoint markers set in a bush-land or urban setting. Securing marker information in a sequence of time over distance and terrain.

Teams intersect to complete teamwork scenarios, i.e. negotiating a spiders web, problem solving a puzzle, linking support to overcoming obstacles. Scenarios are integrated to develop and build team spirit, communication, trust, project planning and time management.

Succeed in fun orienteering activity challenges in a location to suit your team.

  • Develop teambuilding and problem solving skills
  • Coordinating teams with clear Communication & Cooperation strategies
  • Leadership Training and leadership Skill development
  • Project & Time Management
  • Planning
  • Shared team experience, Building team spirit.
  • Strengthening inter-personal relationships.

Bushsports SOS Search and Rescue scenarios challenge, train and develop teamwork with navigation skills, staff problem solving ability, strategic planning, collaboration and leadership skills

Encouraging trust and improving communication within teams. We challenge your group to perform under pressure!

Fully facilitated, briefed and debriefed scenarios – aligned to your companies strategy.

Unfold an exciting team building quest in which you build cooperation and communication literally.

Process: Initially learning the art of navigation hands on, team members apply their skills immediately.
Completing approximately 5-6km of on & off track walking in bushland areas.
Rebuilding a communications tower through the unscrambling of messages and retrieval of lost equipment.

Participants are briefed on map reading techniques, they are then given several sample exercises in a controlled environment in which to practice orienteering skills.


Communication components have been lost on a airlift mission to the rendezvous site.
The hold cargo net frayed spilling vital items landing scattered in a 5km radius. The helicopter navigator has noted estimate map positions. Your teambuilding mission is to recover all necessary components and rebuild a communication tower within the time frame provided. Utilise orienteering and navigation skills to accomplish the team building mission urgently.

Other scenarios are modified according timing, terrain, abilities and team building requirements of the group.

BUSHSPORTS Navigates your next Staff Team Training Day