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Skydive – Experience the THRILL of a LIFETIME!

The ultimate fun extreme, legal adrenaline adventure activity.
Experience skydiving with a professional team on a drop zone over the beaches within 1hr of Sydney.
Enjoy Tandem Skydiving brilliance.

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Tandem Skydive: to 14,000ft (4km) High!
Speed: 200-250km/h an incredible velocity!
Intense: 40-60 sec freefall! Gravity SUCKS!

Sky Dive The BEACH Sydney Tandem JUMP, awesome sea views.
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Location is what its all about. Words can’t describe what you are about to experience.
Take the skydiving plunge over one of Wollongong’s main beaches – North Beach.
From 11,000 ft the coastal views are spectacular, with North Beach, one of Wollongong’s popular surfing beaches, alive with activity.
The tandem skydive is ideal for those who wish to feel the exhileration of freefall with a minimum fuss.

After a 15-20min briefing you are ready to skydive.
A short drive to the airport, transfer to The Beach Skydive Plane and ascend the brilliant skies to plunge freefall.

You will be securely attached to your skydive tandem master via a special harness.
If desired we will record your skydive with professional footage and still pictures.
Imagine showing family and friends your awesome sydney skydive adventure.

Organise a skydiving date with your friends. and come along free*
Book your arrival time with our office Phone: 02 9630 2222

The arrival time is NOT your jump time. You need to fill in all relevant APF paperwork, attend briefing and gear up must be completed prior to jumping.

Whilst we endeavour to complete an individuals jump within 4 hrs of arrival, we advise you to arrive with no time constraints – you should plan for this to be a days activity.

Max weight:
Is 95kg + $50 > 115kg + $70 surcharge for extra body weight to chute ratio.
Minimum age is 14 years, all minors require a legal guardian present on the day.
Book a tandem skydive DVD to relive your ultimate Australian Skydiving Experience.

Train south coast to North Wollongong Railway Station – free pickup
or Self Drive to Stuart Park North Wollongong,
If booking early you may be able to get on board the
Skydive Drop Zone shuttle bus in Sydney. Depart 7am!

* Comfortable clothing, provided with skydive suit to wear over your gear.

As Safety is our main concern, please understand that factors such as wind, cloud rain, turbulence and air traffic can affect the time it takes to complete your skydive activity.
Weather can change for better or worse in minutes and you cant skydive unless you are at the Drop Zone!

SYDNEY Sky DIVE DROP ZONE – A Tandem Jump is a great introduction to the sport and perfect for a Gift Voucher. After a 20min briefing you will be fitted with your special passenger harness.
As soon as you get into the plane your harness is attached and locked into your Instructors equipment.
Approaching Jump altitude a complete systems check is carried out and then out you go together …..WOW!

What an experience. From your jump altitude, up to 13,500ft above ground level
(14,000ft above sea level) you will get approx 50 seconds of freefall travelling at up to 240kph.
The views from the plane are awsome, you can see the mountains,
coast and on a clear day the city of Sydney outlining the horizon.

When the time is right your instructor will open the main parachute
after an initial shock of changing speed as the main chute opens.
The two of you will float down to a comfortable landing,
the parachute ride will last approx 5 min.
During the parachute ride your instructor will point out all the landmarks
and if you wish let you have a go of flying the parachute.
Nervous about the landing ? No need to be.
The oldest person we have taken for a Tandem is 94.
Although Skydiving carries risks, as with any adventure activity, follow the instructions and you’ll have a fun day out.

North Beach Wollongong:
Skydive the Beach is located at North Beach Wollongong,
a 2 minute drive from the Wollongong CBD.

North Beach Wollongong is surrounded by parks, bars, cafes, restaurants, and hotels.
It is Wollongong’s central beach and arguably one of its most beautiful.
With palm trees and Norfolk Island Pines dotting the beachfront, and heritage listed buildings such as the change sheds and kiosk. North Beach is popular with locals and tourists alike. The beach has an awesome surf break, especially when the seas are up and the bombora is running. Surf lifesavers patrol the beach every day of the year, making it the ideal place for swimmers to enjoy the clear waters of Wollongong.
The beachfront parks have a number of BBQ facilities and weather shelters,
play equipment and open spaces for sporting games.

Skydive the Beach’s office is situated in the middle of Stuart Park, on the corner of George Hanley Drive and Cliff Road, North Wollongong.
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Getting to Wollongong:

By Road:
From Sydney – just over an hour from central Sydney
From Canberra – approximately 2.5 hrs
Skydive the Beach Sydney offers FREE return transfers from the Sydney CBD for travellers.
The pick up point is 810 George Street, Sydney – bookings are essential.

Skydiving Sydney Centre access By Train:
There is a direct train from Sydney Central Station to North Wollongong Station, Skydive the Beach provide FREE transfers from North Wollongong Station to the office. Cityrail train timetables are available online.