Beach Activities Fun Outoor Team Building and Games Connecting Staff In The Summer Sun

Brilliant fun Beach games & events for groups, team building and conferences on beaches along the East Coast of Australia. Beach activities, games, and corporate team building events on the worlds best beaches of Manly, Bondi, Coogee Beach, Gold Coast Surfers Paradise. Experience the worlds best Sand sculpting, beach volleyball, beach cricket and ironman Olympic beach events.


Fun Beach Games, Beach Olympics Events, Sand Sculpting or Beach Volleyball and Beach Cricket on Beaches around Sydney, the Central Coast, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Get your team of employees runited and staff connected outdoors on our beautiful beaches.

Designed for corporate and business groups to achieve success together through fun and healthy active participation.

Enjoy fun in the summer sun with a series of beach activities and games, beach events, sand sculpting, scavenger and treasure hunts or a grand championship game of beach volleyball!

Experience a variety of games on Sydney, Manly, Bondi, Tamarama, Coogee Central Coast, Byron Bay and Gold Coast Beaches.

Beach activities for corporate groups team building fun around Sydney on Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach and Manly BeachIdeal summer events or special connect with the beach conference energisers and break out activities. That invigorate the soles.

Formatted as a round robin of beach games, team building events, or Ironman/Person games.

All teams participate to the best of their ability as cheers and laughter erupts!

Bushsports develops all beach events cooperatively with you ensuring your staff and employees have an excellent time.

Creating themed team names, with everyone receiving colour-coordinated bandanas.

Excellent fun, drinks and laughs for teams rewarded with a winners Trophy at the local Beach Bar.

Outdoor Beach Team Building and Events on Sydney or Gold Coast Beaches with Fun Games, Beach Volleyball, Sand Sculpting or Sandy Relay Games

Team Building activities include:

  • Beach Thong Throw:
    Jandals, Flip Flops and Thongs are thrown wildly, wickedly at targets, for distance or over the shoulder randomly. The harder the throw, the less likely they’ll go.
  • Flag Races:
    Dive for the marker planted in the sand.
  • Sand Sculpting:
    Teams create a sculpture to be assessed and scored.
  • Jaws Relay Race:
    Teams are timed as they race against each other. Run, jump or hop with inflated sharks, they must pass the sharks to their team mate without touching.
  • Hula Hoop Aloha:
    Quoits Hula throw and then: Best of the best hula hoopers’ challenge rival teams in a timed hula contest. Great background music adds to the fun and excitement of this event.
  • Life Raft Relays:
    Teams build and man their life rafts in an effort to move their team to safety.
  • Crocodile Shuffle:
    Teams line up as they pass large inflatable sea creatures over their heads and back between their legs. As music begins, they work as a unit and slalom through a wild and wacky fun course.
  • Flipped Out  Relay:
    Wearing flippers and a snorkel mask, relay your team across the sands.
  • Raft Build:
    Design and build your castaway raft to escape the island – Wilson!.

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  • Beach Volleyball:
    Modified or classic Beach Volleyball games. 1, 2, 3 or as many teams as you like to keep the fun action flowing. Can be hosted By Olympic Beach Volleyball Champions or us, the Fun Masters!
  • Commando:
    Strike up your best cammo gear and take to a military assault on the beaches, clearing a minefield and building sand castles.
  • Obstacle Courses:
    Bushsports designs obstacle courses in all locations. Participants make their way through the obstacles retrieving markers.
  • Beach Comber Puzzle:
    Collect puzzle pieces to re-create a team puzzle.
  • Beach Treasure Hunts:
    Search for a real treasure chest on Manly, Bondi, Surfers Paradise or Coogee Beach. Use compass orienteering bearings and clues  to reveal X marks the spot. Be a looting Pirates of the Caribbean corporate group and plunder the bounty!
  • Beach Scavenger Hunts:
    Crashing waves have scattered many debris and artifacts.
    Collect as many as possible in the limited time to be scored by the head lifesaver and win!
  • Beach Soccer Games:
    Fun modified all inclusive beach soccer games.
  • Beach Cricket Games:
    Modified fun interactive Australian Beach Cricket games on the beach.
  • Survivor Beach Challenges:
    Complete a fun Survivor beaches team building program.

Sand Sculpting is a great fun hands on creative learning experience on the beach for all abilities and skill levels.

Sculpt the sands like the extraordinary John Suchomlin. Weaving a story along Sydney’s Eastern Beaches to from Bondi to Bronte and Coogee Beaches.

On the north side team building on Manly beach to Newport, Collaroy and Palm Beach. Experience some of the world’s whitest beach sand at Chinaman’s beach. beach-team-building-games-fun-dragon.jpg

As well as the greatest surf to connect staff exploring the best Sydney beaches!!

It’s even better when a professional sand sculpturist demonstrates and shares the tricks of the trade sand sculpting marine animals and dragons with castles for your teams inspriration.

Bushsports sand sculpture staff encourage and facilitate teams building magnificent impressive large sand sculptures. During the sand sculpting creative process, team members learn to share, collaborate and communicate their concept or vision. Making the most productive use of their colleagues capabilities, skills, talents, energy, strengths and qualities.

Creative sand sculpture combined with team building promotes excellent teamwork. Teams’ results are appraised and the company enjoys viewing an entire sand sculpture gallery.

Teamwork, creativity, and fun are the ingredients for sand sculpting activities with a collective amazing feature result. The primary target is to initiate, develop and execute new methods of inclusionary outdoor corporate training.

Lets get you on the a sandy beach with a competitive fun activities ideal to celebrate Christmas with a BBQ or Picnic suitable for all corporate groups, staff training programs and powerful team building exercises.

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