Do you find it challenging to get your teams to use their initiative? Don’t micro manage – provide training for your staff to utilise their teamwork skills confidently and efficiently. Ready to problem solve, lead and inspire others. We have an excellent series of team building initiative activities that will grow your team. Mobile and ready to come to your conference, office or workplace – Australia Wide.

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Its a key catch word that was over utilised in the 1990’s – Team Building Initiatives. The initiative is still as relevant now. A facilitator provides a scope or scenario to the team. Typically isolating individuals to perform certain tasks within a role play. But also taking away some of their strengths to make them more reliant on others. Bushsports ensures that its team activities incorporate powerful learning initiatives.

Facilitated Team Building Initiatives and Problem Solving Exercises

The activities are briefed by the facilitator, discussed by the team and an action plan with time management implemented. Sometimes communication and vision is impaired to increase the challenge levels. The results are terrific for team leaders looking to improve their teamwork and managerial skills.

Activity Scenarios

From Poles Apart where teams are provided poles, ropes and a knife to build a platform where they can reach into a safety zone. To Mind Field where a hypothetical bomb will explode it it is not defused in time. Bushsports has 100’s of team initiatives ready to be implemented at a moments notice. We use Islands Crossing, Nuclear Hazard, Target Ball…. Our staff are ready to visit your offices, conference center or speak with one of our representatives to develop a corporate escape package.

Ideally the initiatives are compliemnted by Profiling Tools such as Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator, Team Management Systems. Our accredited MBTI Human Resource facilitator also team works with DISC and Hermanns Brain Index.