Creative Art Team Building Activities for Groups

Free your teams Wild inhibitions to experiment & express a vision! Creative Art Escape Experiences are fun as Art Therapy for corporate or business CREATIVE team building activities session. Painting Canvases in Sydney & Melbourne for employees to express themselves creatively individually or as a united team. FREE team building offer. Organise your next team building activity with Wild results Quote: “WILD” Call The Outdoor team building activities and Sydney environment specialists.



Painting, Spraying, Throwing, Splashing, Pouring, Graffiti is awesome colourful fun when letting yourself loose on Creative art team building activities with Bushsports!

Our creative art escapes will unleash your inner artists and set your team to go wild. Inspiring your business event or Sydney team building programs to be very interesting and adventures enquiry link

WILD ART Painting is a fun Team Building Corporate Art escape for both creative and non creative types

A unique team building idea for teams not scared to express themselves; our signature wow factor WILD art in all art studios or outdoors in Sydney, NSW, Brisbane QLD, and Melbourne VIC.

WILD Art is an escape for corporate work teams to experience the freedom to experiment and express themselves through vibrant mediums.

A different and interesting team bonding experience which enhances teams communication skills, utilising imagination, colour, imagery, symbols on bright canvases. A unique and sometimes wild application with explosive and impressive results.

explore team art creativity
Explore team creativity. Here teams accomplish and exceptional vision and embodiment of their business branching out!

Translate your groups ideas and visions into visual representations of masterpiece artworks facilitated by professionals in Sydney, Melbourne, Southern Highlands, The Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains. We promise fantastic and hangable (on or off the wall) results.

Teams choose their creative medium: painting on canvas, syringing, squirting, splashing and spraying paints to glazing ceramic pots, body painting, life drawing (if you’re game) to modeling and sculpturing.

Bushsports facilitates creative expressive experiences using art, painting and sculpting which is wildly fun for all corporate groups! Mobile to Any location, Indoors where we seal up the room to avoid damage to inspiring locations Outdoors overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Create teamwork artistic masterpieces or Individual creative art works for sensational wall hangings and tapestries to decorate a boring or time to renew office environment.

Engaging creative group team building ideas for corporate events, team building reward, corporate events to get everyone actively involved with results that you can take away.

From 1hr – 3hrs for groups 10 – 500 participants.

Fun interactive teams painting with or without paint brushes using weird and unusual applicators or just your hands.

ART rageous team building activities develop a teams vision expressively and creatively. Individual Creations or teams collaboratively painted on Canvases ready to be hung.

Call or enquire Bushsports Events team – and put your teams minds at easels!

ART Rageous team building creativity

Suitable for all corporate businesses and groups in all locations.

  • Terrific for creative Corporate events

    wild art fitting gloves and protective overalls
    Wild Art requires gloves for some!
  • Business Conferences where painting and sipping allows freedom of exploratuion
  • Team development Off Sites
  • Team Planning Days
  • Employee reward sessions
  • Corporate Celebrations
  • Product launches
  • Creative Festivals
  • Networking and Meetings where exploring ideas functionally is important.
  • To Express meaning visually with great results that can be hung in offices.

Artworks can be wild with paint thrown at the canvases and splashed or sprayed

  • Creativity and Expressive art forms
  • For 10 – 500 participants
  • corporate delegates
  • Budding artists
  • Break free from stereo typed art forms.
  • Bushsports also conduct fantastic fun, social activities art events with friends, for a great laugh!
  • HR managers take note – The Art Rageous program is ideal to motivate teams, create work place satisfaction and walk away with a terrific accomplishment ready to spice up your offices.

INCLUSIONS – team or individual receives a canvas to transpose their creation under the guidance of art facilitator.

Art-based activity that invites participants to focus their energies, paint their pressures away.

At Bushsports, we love Creativity and Mix it Up a Little!

To think outside the square we dare to act differently!

Set loose with bright acrylic paints, canvases and a host of alternative paint applicators such as, syringes to pray, sponges to throw paint, twine to trail and hands to splash paint.

Artistic skill not required – ideas, passion, bravery are the hall marks of success.

Art works can be linked together to provide a wholistic picture, montage, sequence or story.

Canvases typically 1m x 1m can be mounted in teams offices as a momento of the team building results.

DURATION- Creative Team Building WILD @ Art accomplished in as little as 45 minutes to 2hrs

An ideal amount of time for a quality outcomes based Creative team building activities and ART-rageous programs in Sydney and Melbourne.

Art Rageous teambuilding is fully mobile, Indoors in all Offices, Conference Centers, Hotels Venues or Outdoors anywhere.

When leading indoor creative team building activities our art studio crew set up the office and conference venues to be mess free.

Taping, sealing the room/s, creating paint cleaning and environmentally sustainable paint disposal systems.

Creative team building activities activities can be completed in:

  • Sydney CBD,
  • Your offices
  • At all Conference Venues and function centres in Sydney

    magnificent master piece painting art team building activities
    Magnificent master piece painting team building activities
  • Surry Hills, Darlinghurst Art Galleries, Ultimo and Pyrmont
  • Darling Harbour – Novotel, Sydney Exhibition and Conference Centre
  • Newtown at Tom Bass art gallery studios
  • The Rocks – Ken Done art Gallery
  • Central Coast – Ken Duncan photographic Studios
  • Manly and Bondi Beaches Art Galleries
  • Sydney Art Studios
  • Melbourne Art Studios
  • Brisbane Art Studios
  • Within The Blue Mountains
  • Southern Highlands
  • Melbourne

INFORMATION РCreative arts Team Building activities provide a springboard for change management. 

In the areas of personal development, team building, stress reduction, morale, teamwork and workplace productivity.

Fun creative team building art, teams painting canvases together to express themselves or sculpting clay in Sydney art studios and offices indoors and outdoors within Sydney CBD parks.

Artageous creative team building art experiences, encourage teams abilities to utilise their imagination, communicate via visual forms and express creatively while developing new ideas or dealing with issues.

wild at art paintbrush free finger painting
Wild art can start with finger painting, then let the fur fly as the paints are hurled!

A terrific facilitated team building activity that is tactile and fun personal learning experience.
* No lectures * No overheads * No power point presentations.
– Expressive team work creative bonding and fun!

The experience lies in the drawing together life experiences through art based facilitation.
Participants can demonstrate parallels between the experience and their work environment on issues such as:

  • Overcoming challenges people face in creating innovation\
  • Encouraging people to think differently about issues
  • Allowing teams to experiment and learn from experience
  • Confronting unfamiliar circumstance with courage
  • Improving communication through apllication of various mediums
  • Recognising individuality, enjoying spontaneity
  • Creating a meaningful and enjoyable work environment!
  • Art allows corprate teams to Escape, De-Stress, Share and Be Creative!!
  • Discuss and Book your next creative inspiration creative team building event, utilising quality acrylic creative art paints
  • Grafitti Art works
  • Developing creative works to motivate, inspire and reward your team!