Caracteristics for a good Leader

Team work: a good leader

Working in a team is very rewarding and beneficial. The only thing is that you have to know how to put it together and the role everyone play.

The leader’s role is essential. It requires specific skills.

Do you have them?

Here are some examples:

  • Clear objectives: to know where you’re going
  • Convictions: sticking to the same idea(s)
  • Trust: being able to rely on others
  • Delegating: knowing how to divide tasks
  • Listening: being able to hear others (ideas, feelings, etc.)
  • Communicate: exchange with the team on each other’s ideas
  • Final decision: to be able to make a decision, even if it is not suitable for everyone
  • Solicit feedback: don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. It’s great to progress
  • Encouraging: motivating your team!

There are still plenty of characteristics to a good leader. It also depends on our personality. Our preferences.

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