WELCOME TO SYDNEY an Adventure Gateway!

One of the world’s most beautiful cities. Sydney is surrounded by National Parks.

Bushsports starts where the city life trails off into the outdoors and we provide rewarding activities & challenges for the adventurous.

Fun unique Adventures await you, your team or your group! Let Bushsports set up a unique outdoor Blue Mountains or Sydney Urban adventure today!

  • Sydney Abseil, Sydney Kayaking,
  • Sydney Mountain Bike ; sweet single tracks and fire trails
  • Sydney Runs or
  • Sydney Ride on Road or Off Road,
  • Sydney Paddle, Swim, Sydney Rafting & White Water,
  • Sydney Shooting,
  • Sydney’s Flying Foxs & Giant Swings on the best Sydney High Ropes Course, take it a step higher with
  • Sydney Skydiving Tandem or Solo.
  • Strap it all together and go slack lining, make it a breeze with
  • Sydney Segways,
  • Sydney Trampolining,
  • Sydney Indoor Climbing,
  • Escape Sydney aboard a 4WD,
  • zoom around on Quad Bikes, or take Motor Cycle Adventure across Australia.

For corporate groups we develop exceptional adventure races, obstacle course training, Eco Challenges like Tough Mudder and Tough Bloke Challenges…

– Complete a Bushsports Sydney Amazing Race and combine the lot.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, explore the Royal Botanic Gardens, or abseil through the Blue Mountains and off sea cliffs!

If you want to experience the BEST of Sydney, BUSHSPORTS has the adventure ready for you!


[tab title=”ABSEILS”]

Abseil off cliffs, Rappel / Rap jump off Sydney buildings.

  • See Sydney from a whole new perspective, from the Top!
  • Abseil off some of the best views Sydney has to offer!
  • Push your limits as you conquer your fears in adrenaline adventure packages!
  • Bushsports designs abseils off Cockatoo Island, Sydney CBD buildings, Sydney Sea Cliffs and all manner of descent – taking you top the edge and over!

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[tab title=”BEACHES”]

Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are located here.

  • Experience the tranquility of Manly’s beach – Cycle, Stand Up Paddle Board, Snorklel!
  • Surf the famous Bondi Beach, Complete an Amazing Race or Bondi Beach Treasure Hunt
  • Sculpt The Sands of Coogee Beach

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[tab title=”CYCLING”]

What better way to experience Sydney than on ya bike!

  • Enjoy awesome Mountain Biking trails all over Sydney;
  • From the Northern Beaches to The Blue Mountains Oaks Fire Trail or explore the South Coast finest single tracks
  • Cross Country riding skills on great Mountain Bikes
  • Terrific MTB guides.
  • Great Rides and cycle tours over Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Environmental interpretation
  • Ride trails like never before, as you are provided skills, techniques and trails that will develop your mountain biking and riding abilities.
  • Bushsports cycling jounies and tours – An exciting adrenaline rush from start to finish!

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[tab title=”KAYAKING”]

Experience the waters of Sydney – paddle a Kayak or Surf Ski!

  • Looking for Kayaking action activities?
  • Jump on Surf Ski’s for guided Sydney Harbour Tours
  • Explore stunning Sydney Coastlines and coves.
  • For a more relaxing but fun experience, enjoy a kayak paddle around Sydney Harbour, Middle Harbour, Lane Cove or Balmoral.
  • Fun and versatile, Bushsports kayaking adventures are fun for all ages and skill levels.
  • We set up Kayaking adventures and canoeing tours on the Hawkesbury River, Nepean River, Kangaroo Valley
  • Wheres there’s water we will paddle it!

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[tab title=”CANYONING”]

Sydney to the best Blue Mountains Canyons.

  • Magical landscapes, abseiling through waterfalls, bushwalking through rainforest, launch into refreshing plunge pools.
  • Bushsports canyon tours can add a host of other activities; from abseiling to rock climbing and swimming,
  • Canyoning is an opportunity to experience adventure into natural caves, observe native fauna and flora, stunning sandstone slots at its awe inspiring best.

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[tab title=” SKILLS”]

What’s the urban adventurer without a few skills under their belt?

  • Learn how to orienteer and or navigate the city streets or the bush like a pro!
  • Map reading, compass work, geo caching, Raft Build, Survival activities and a host of other skills.
  • Learn how to navigate or lead in a team with a variety of adventure team building activities!

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[tab title=”URBAN”]

Of course there’s much to do within Sydney City as well!

  • What better way to discover Sydney than one of our Amazing Adventure Races!
  • Discover all areas of Sydney city, as your team races for victory!
  • Taste incredible foods at Sydney’s China Town
  • Or hunt for your Holy Grail prize instead as you embark on one of our pirate fun Treasure Hunts through Sydney historic The Rocks!
  • Great for team building, celebrations & events.

For an Adventure Race click here or for a Treasure Hunt click here.


[tab title=”WALKS”]

Delve into the outdoors with one of our customised Sydney bushwalks for groups!

  • Bush walks for all levels, whether the beginner or seasoned walker.
  • Experience iconic Sydney walks,as you explore the Blue Mountains and ancient Aboriginal art.
  • Hike either day trips or overnights, all the while under the care of one of our Qualified guides.

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