SuperHero Working Team: test your skills

Learn and develop skills you and your team need by personifying them as superheroes through activities and role play.

A working team needs different skills to be efficient. What if you discover and perform them by transforming your colleagues into superheroes? Participate in team building activities and transform your team into real skills superheroes. Everyone will be an expert in a skill and decisions made about it are his/her superpowers. Switch roles, and test the different competence. You will also notice the importance of each of them.

The different heroes:

  • Communication Hero: is the link between each actor
  • Hero of Time: determines and monitors the allocated time
  • Risks Hero: sees and shares all the disadvantages and risks associated with team’s actions
  • Hero of Collaboration: involves everyone equally and be sure they work together
  • Hero of the Organization: determines and indicates the order of the tasks to be carried out
  • Goal Hero: always reminding the goal and asking if each decision is helping to reach it

Learn and understand what needs to be improved. But also which are the easiest for you and which you appreciate the most. Then you will know what to work on and how you can help during a team work.

Don’t just think about these expertise but be them.

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