The Rocks Treasure Hunt

Explore Sydney’s historic area The Rocks, as your team hunt for real treasures! For 10-100 Merry Souls.

Dodge villains and knaves to explore pubs, investigating clues. Discovering The Rocks like never before!

Have Fun all the while resorting to valuable Teambuilding and Teamwork problem solving skills n ye witty talents.

A Treasure Hunt across the Rocks is the ideal option for a corporate conference room escape!!


The Rocks treasure hunt for teams and groups discover a secret Sydney historic quarter.

Explore the sights and dock sides to find treasure bounty.

Visit The Rocks famous historic pubs from The Lord Nelson to the Australian. Enjoy a beer on Terra Firma or sail aboard yachts, Water Taxis, Ferry’s and even a Historic pirate Tall Ship.

Excellent for team building activities, corporate and social group treasure hunts with a bounty of fun suitable for everyone!

Treasure Hunt celebration team building activities in Sydney area. The Rocks treasure hunt, treasure Chest bounty is found on George Street

Enjoy a laugh and share a grand piece of Sydney’s Historic Rocks.

Discover real Team Building Treasure Hunting pirating fun cheer with a clever twist in Sydney or be Found Floundering On The Rocks

Select your Sydney Rocks Treasure Hunt packages from 1.5-3 adventures enquiry link

Ideal fun corporate team building, group activities, birthday parties, Hens, Bucks, Incentives and quality team bonding events.

Great for 10-1,000 pirates and participants!

Fun, quality team building & social group treasure hunts with brilliant activities for clues!

Land-based or combine with water crossings of Sydney Harbour; by Water Taxis, Sailing Yachts, Ferry’s or Jet Boats.

A professional coordinator or our own pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, briefs your crew.

Pirate music and a rousing sing-along or quiet whispers with tall tales of true treasures. Mutineering teams in an engaging Sydney group activity. Challenging teams resourcefulness whilst sleuthing to locate a secured Treasure Chest hidden within the historic stores or Pubs within The Rocks.

The Treasure Chest is filled with your team’s engraved holy Grail trophy and other secret bounty.


  • Professional Coordinators and facilitators
  • Some props or come dressed up to your theme as Pirates, Convicts, or Captains.
  • Specialised Rocks Treasure Hunting Maps
  • Teams colour coded bandanas and pirating gear
  • Guidelines and safety systems with Challenge-By-Choice pirateosophy
  • Clever content suited for corporate teams and social group events
  • Holy Grail Trophy secured in real treasure chests engraved with your special celebration details.

Sydney’s Rocks Special Activities for Your Crews and Staff

Decipher cryptic messages, overcome a variety of fun interactive team activities whilst searching The Rocks and Sydney Harbour for letters, symbols and coded messages.

Transport Options:

Most companies and teams select walking.

However you can include –
Water Taxis or Jet Boats pirating across Sydney Harbour, visiting the Sydney’s Islands in style aboard Yellow Water Taxis or Water Taxi Limousines to Cockatoo Island.

Or walking the plank at Clark or Shark Island can be included!

  • En-route your team/crew may be intercepted to:
  • Escape a convict Chain Gang for a treasure clue or two.
  • Conga Line or Jig to liven up the crew.
  • Sing a Sea Shanty in the Rocks Suez Canal
  • Investigate historic buildings and docksides
  • Imbibe & explode myths at the best Sydney historic Rocks pubs.
  • Perform a shoutout at The Australian (enjoy an Aussie Beer drinking challenge)
  • Rock on past The Orient Pub
  • Bribe The Lord Nelson at his favourite local pub (Enjoy Quayle Ale or a drop of Nelson’s Blood)
  • Discover whats in at the revamped Argyle Stores!
  • Beware of smugglers and tunnels beneath the Hero of Waterloo
  • Enjoy the Harbour view hotels finest ale, and stunning Sydney Harbour rooftop views from the Glenmore Pub.

Teams & Crews roles are rotated at each checkpoint ensuring equal input.

Ultimately, a real treasure chest will be found through team tactics of strategy, wits and style.

Liven your staff or family day in The Rocks, Sydney with a pirate fun swathing your cutlasses way into Sydney history.

Bound to be an exciting Sydney Rocks Treasure Quest!

Teams walk the plank from your Offices, Observatory Hill overlooking Sydney Harbour or within The Rocks, Conference venues, restaurants or a pub on The Rocks!

11 Sydney Harbour Rocks Pubs for your Sydney Treasure Hunt Finish Christmas Celebration Locations

1. Glenmore Hotel Rooftop address: Cumberland Street The Rocks.
Review; Splendid backdrop open air views with good ale.
2. The Australian Hotel Rocks Pub address: Cumberland Street The Rocks.
Review; Avast array of authentic Australian beer, atmosphere & Gourmet Pizzas spilling out onto Cumberland Street near BridgeClimb!
3. Lowen Brau Kellar , address: Cnr Argyle Street & Playfair Mall The Rocks. Lederhausen staff sind wunder-bar twzei Beir Bitte!
4. Lord Nelson Rocks Pub address: Top of the Hill Argyle Street The Rocks.
Battle of Trafalgar lingers, service with a smile and historic charm!
5. The Harbour View Pub The Rocks, address: Corner Cumberland Street and Lower fort Street, The Rocks. Nestled on Southern corner beneath Harbour Bridge aka Coathanger. Food gets great ratings. Chat with Tanya to set up corporate functions after a Thrilling Amazing Race or Treasure Hunt.
6. The Rocks Harts Pub Address: Gloucester Street The Rocks.
Managed by the Shangri-La, BBQ lunch is a $ bargain, 4 value it can’t be beaten in The Rocks.
7. The Rocks Cruise Lounge and Bar address: Passenger Terminal Circular Quay.
Tom Cruise may not be found ‘ere, a terrific Sydney Harbour setting for celebratory drinks.
8. The Rocks Bel Mondos Restaurant. Address: Gloucester Walk The Rocks.
Exceptional meals, Ritzy and Pricey, history embedded in building.
9. The Rocks Argyle Stores address: Argyle Street The Rocks; Swanky, almost Sophisticated, yet keeps its Historic charm. Great lounges intimate settings for group gatherings.
10. Opera Bar address: Circular Quay Sydney Opera House area; by the waters edge, excellent capacity for large corporate & social group Treasure Hunt events.
11. Bavarian Beer Cafe, Harrington Street The Rocks.

Rocks Treasure Hunt References:

Macquarie Partners:
“We were very satisfied with the treasure hunt Rocks program. Many people said ‘I could not have done it on my own’ – a convincing comment that showed it was possible to work through as a team. The program exercised and improved our team work skills and we had fun while doing so. The excitement of retrieving clues, unscrambling the mystery word and solving the code on the lock. Challenging, achievable, and competitive yet fun. The whole treasure hunt Rocks event was great!”

“Normally I dread team activities, however thoroughly enjoyed the Rocks Treasure Hunt and got to see parts of the Rocks I never had visited, gaining a greater insight into our history.”

BUSHSPORTS custom built Pirate or Come Clean Treasure Hunts for all Corporate and Social Groups to experience more in life.