Fun ‘n Games that Cool Corporate Teams Love to Play!

Bushsports staff are big kids with heart. There is no better thing to do, than enjoying being with your team. We like working with cool corporate groups that are prepared to give anything a go! A bit off the bat, unique and refreshingly different is our scene.

“How can this be” I hear you ask? “How do I change attitudes and get my colleagues, staff and managers to enjoy each others company?”Corporate groups bonding together with fun games in a conference

Please let us share a little secret that you already know but a gentle reminder helps refresh the knowledge. PLAY, yep that’s right! Play games in a group. Simple as that!

The most effective team building we witness, is teams playing together. Its true, teams that play together – stick together! No, not like in a sand pit and acting like 5 year olds. But with games for adults that are clever and require teamwork. Communication and collaboration in order to succeed.

Throw in a bit of catharsis and hey presto…. You have the beginnings of breaking down barriers, opening up lines of communication and sharing common interests.

In no time at all you will have the whole group, up active, enjoying themselves without being self conscious. Why? Because we know how to run and organise games that bring out the best qualities in people. Easy to learn, simple to play, non competitive and friendlies to start with.

Then moving onto to more structured games with complexities that challenge the mind and corporate body. How did we become good at running games for corporate groups?

Our experience in facilitation of outdoor education programs, after school events and 20 years of improvising activities with no props trained us on this journey. We thought up whacky, wonderful, improvised games. While sharing our personal insights and stories with 1,000’s who have shaped our skills.

Let us, now shape and build your teams to be more functional, effective and efficient – just by playing the right games with the right people in the right places!

Team building games for groups succeed with
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  • Effective low cost activities to re-energise all groups
  • Energisers and Break Outs for Groups Conferencing
  • Humourous, exciting, invigorating, corporate challenges that provide a great sense of team and personal achievement.
  • Hands on experiential learning for companies to improve morale
  • Ideal for conference Ice Breakers & Get To Know You Games, Indoors or outdoors
  • Ideal to energise a meeting, enliven the day or go out and have the team play. Incorporate healthy play.
  • Break down social and silo barriers.
  • Build positive team relationships. Learn how to become team players.
  • A large selection of activities from Bushsports facilitators ‘bag of tricks’, motivating teams into positive thinking.
  • As children we learnt and developed relationships through play, the value of this process is ideal.
  • Team activities become progressively exciting as rules and objectives are added.
  • Set new nebulious world record has been achieved or everyone is laughing.
  • Can be adjusted for specific affect e.g. new product, communication, leadership or simply for the fun of it!
  • Select the activities or allow a Bushsports representative delve into their ‘bag of tricks’ to ensure the best selection.
  • Complete the enquiry form above to get your team enjoying the fun.
  • From 20minutes – 4hrs for of Groups 10-1,000’s of staff.

Design FUNctional team activities by calling Phone: 0459 111 129

Looking for fresh ideas? We have a great range of team bonding conference break out activities for Corporate family picnics and social groups.

Here’s Our List of 25 Team Building Games that are Great for Everyone, Please share them with your staff and friends.

  1. Catch Cry Team Building
    An ideal way to reinforce the key motto of an organisation, all teams develop their own catch cry! “CAN WE DO IT?” “YES WE CAN!”
  2. Flipped Out Team Building
    Ideal humorous introduction breaking the ice for new teams to introduce themselves. A rubber chook is passed around the group as individuals introduce themselves, their expectations of the day and something unique about themselves. Once everyone has been introduced a name is called then the chook is thrown/flipped to that person. The fun begins as the pace increases and more chooks are added to the broth.
  3. Win – Win Team Building Activities!
    People are typically performance driven to win and often forget to support others from achieving. This simple yet fun game activity demonstrates how we can be more effective in winning for the team. A series of hand shakes and scenarios are experienced. Where individuals are challenged to achieve the highest score possible. Information is shared to ensure all receive the benefit of other participants successful techniques.
  4. Moon Ball – Less Gravity move to Speed Ball
    An excellent and fun activity to stimulate all style of thinkers and engage people in a low level physical challenge, motivating the team and finding out more about each other. The ball is the nucleus of the group, the faster and higher the ball is passed the more points are accumulated by the team. The challenge is to get as many points – ready – set – GO!
  5. Team-up Tag Fun n Games – Biff the Boss
    One person must recruit (tag) others to join their management team. As the team grows, so does the cooperation with which they can catch (recuit) new team members.
  6. Fire in the hole
    An explosive finish to all our Fun ‘n’ Games programs, guaranteed to bring your group closer, and leave an explosion of laughter!
  7. Ball Toss!
    Teams work together to hit the ball aloft as many times as possible for as long as possible, with each attempt aimed at improving the teams last effort. As the ball gets real air the game becomes Moon Ball. As the ball gets momentum and velocity the game becomes Speed Ball. Both requiring further team cooperation and communication to beat the COMPANY X world record.
  8. Poison Ball Team Fun Team Building Games!
    Ball is rolled through the group aiming to hit persons below the knee to get them to join the outsiders, a unique group of people attempting to bowl the ball through the circle of jumping insiders trying to dodge the poison ball.
  9. Categories
    A superb activity to find what really influences peoples choices. A category is called i.e. Toothpaste/Shoe/Deodorant/Bread brand, Number of fillings, Favourite colour, Colour of underwear, scrunchies, folders etc. Commonalities are shared.
    Trading Places Team Fun Team Building Games!
    A circular of people 1 person in the middle finds similarities to escape the stress of being singled out. The person in the middle (middleton) thinks of something that they themselves have and can trade places e.g. All people who can roll their tongues TRADE PLACES. Everyone who can do this must trade their place across the circle, the last to trade is the new middleton.
  10. Evolution I Game!
    See how quickly your team can progress through the Darwinian process of evolution to emerge the dominant species. Naturally a second more dominant species evolved?see below.
  11. Evolution II
    Remember SCISSORS PAPER ROCK? A 1 in 3 chance of success in which great strategy is often overcome by sheer luck? Evolution requires no skill just humour. Everyone start as an egg, turning to the next person a SCISSORS PAPER ROCK battle ensues, the victor hatches and moves up the evolution chain to become a CHICKEN (non winner tries their luck with other eggs). Chicken must be realistic i.e. squawking and flapping is a must to find other CHICKENS and perform the ritual SCISSORS PAPER ROCK, winner evolves to APE (beating chest and grunting), finally to a civilised homo sapien.
  12. LEGO PLAY! : Serious or Robotic. Cisco learnt the value in playing and demostrating their vision through Lego Robotics. Bushsports team love playing with LEGo – which incidently means to put. Have fun playing team games that are meaningful. Coorinate your next team building activities LEGO session and watch the smiles grow!
  13. Trust Circle
    Group circles around 1 person in the centre who has their arms crossed , fingers crossed in front of their chest, eyes closed, body straight and firm. The team guides the centre person in a gentle rocking motion taking the weight and making positive statements about that person.
  14. Walk-the Plank
    Specialist designed planks (colour coordinated) for crossing imaginary swamps and toxic waste zones. Technical plank graspers (rope) are used to lift the planks as a team effort to coordinate forward or any other motion. Ideal to compete against or with other teams. Ideal introductory activity promoting communication and coordination.
  15. Mute Line-up
    Teams arrange themselves in a particular order without speaking at all thereby encouraging the group to think of alternative forms of communication.
  16. All Aboard
    The group must work together to ensure everyone manages to get aboard the new management structure. As time goes by, the team must become closer to deal with shrinking margins and increased competition.
  17. Sherpa Walk
    One participant is elected to be the eyes of the blindfolded team. Navigating the team through a series of obstacles to a predetermined destination without touching them. At the destination team member must present to the group the difficulties encountered and how they were resolved.
  18. Team-up Tag
    One person must recruit (tag) others to join their management team. As the team grows, so does the cooperation with which they can catch – new team members.
  19. Biff-the-Boss
    A further development of team up tag, with the extra REACH!!! Of soft air inflated baseball biffers? This helps extend the capabilities of the team and is superb for catharsis.
  20. Coee Landing
    Participants cross a stock market crash zone onto the investment strategy platform. Collecting an investment portfolio, be wary of penalties for tax evasion strategies.
  21. Nitro Crossing and Islands Crossing
    A toxic river of misunderstanding and deception lies between your teams and their new company’s success. As a team they must utilise their meager resources and ensure their team reaches the safety of success.
  22. Group Sit
    With intense concentration and outstanding team-work, the group shall become one, using each other for moral support.
  23. But wait there’s MORE
    Corporate, Social and Private Family Picnic Fun Games Days
  24. Picnic Games:
  25. Team Relays: · Field Games: · Ball Relay Fun Games · Balloon Fun Games Race · Big Foot Games · Chimp Race · Cracker Whistle · Egg Roll 500 · Knot Race Fun Games · Orange Relay · Swim Fin Relay · Spin Relay · 3 Legged Fun Team Race · Tunnel Ball Games, School Games · Daisy Chain · Ball & Belly · 3 Legged Soccer Games · Dodge Ball & King Ball Games· Water Balloon Toss …..

Modified Sports that deliver the enjoyment for all groups with Bushsports!

Low impact, high fun & involvement factor. Can be in round robin, rotation, league or knockout format.
Volley Ball or Bolley Ball – Volley Ball that is played with 3 hits and a bounce – or whatever is required to bend the rules and keep the games flowing and fun to play.

Cricket or Bicket – That’s fast easy to play cricket with the best Big hits. Got a patch of sand let play Beach Cricket, or Continuous Cricket with electric wickets.
Soft Ball or T–Ball with bases and rounders….
Soccer – indoor or outdoor – smaller field more kicks
Team Tag –  Oz Tag, Touch Football, Tag Ball, Dodge Ball, Basket Ball, Target Ball……..
Ultimate Frisbee & Frisbee Golf, Putt Putt Golf, Hop Scotch, Beach Ball, Parachute Games, Croquet, Bocce………..

More than 300 fun Team Building Activity games played. It only takes a phone call 0459 111 129 to get your team playing team games and interacting a new level.

Availability is Anytime and every day of the year. Please complete the enquiry form for a fast and accurate quote with some free offer bonuses thrown in.