Embark for an Eco-Responsible Team Building Journey with your Colleagues across Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Gold Coast


Reward, engage and share a good time with your staff during a Team Building Journey exploring and helping the planet to ensure a good environment for the next generations.

Bring your team for a wonderful hike. Bushsports trainers will guide you through the trails, showing you beautiful hidden look out points, revealing region’s history, and sharing their knowledge of the wildlife encountered along the way.

Your mission

Clean and make the places more natural and better for wild animals that live there. You will need garbage bags, and your hands to rehabilitate the areas. Don’t worry, Konrad Lippmann, aka Mr Bushsports, will give you all the advice and instructions you need to follow for a significant result.

team construct bridge building team building
  • Blue Mountains
  • Hunter Valley
  • Southern Highlands mountains
  • Gold Coast
  • Central Coast
  • Rainforest Hinterlands
  • and more places to explore and clear

Join us now to take part in the rehabilitation of our beautiful country with its wide open spaces. Make it a challenge >>>