Graffiti team building art workshops in Sydney

Creative Graffiti Team Building Activities

Graffiti Art is all about putting your #tag on The Wall

If painting on a canvas is not macho enough for the blokes in your team, then this is the creative team building experience for your team of guys. Ideal for conference workshops as it incorporates expressive use of aerosols to portray what’s on a mans mind!

These responsible Graffiti workshops can be organised in any well ventilated outdoor location or come and tag our artists studios and walls.

Imagine Spray Painting Art that is ideal Team Development for blokes.

If Graffiti is sore on the eyes we suggest Anti Graffiti on Sydney & Melbourne Streets. A clean up campaign with community involvement. Another Corporate Socially responsible team building initiative by Bushsports. Keeping our streets clean whilst providing sponsored talented graffiti artists an outlet to express themselves and earn an income.

We design creative Team Building Exercises that are fun. Even for the non expressive macho types. Our Dynamic experiences and corporate activities for large groups are conducted throughout Sydney, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Cairns.

Other Creative Team Building ideas include: clay modelling, live nude drawings and sculpting, sand sculpting team building. Or, if your teams dare a Corporate body painting!