Bondi Amazing Race Team Building Event in Action at Icebergs

Bondi Beach Amazing Races Exciting Team Building Activities and Social Group Competition

Ignite your day with a Bondi Beach Amazing Races across the sands along the Campbell Parade Corso and past the Bondi Pavillion from Speedos Cafe to Icebergs and beyond.

Groups love the Bondi Beach vibe and supplying engaging team building activities or social challenges that are fun and adventurous!

  • Dig for buried Treasures
  • Become a Surf Life Saver
  • Skateboarding Challenge
  • Puzzler
  • Swim to the breakers or stay dry
  • Locate the Sea Dragon
  • Build a Sand Sculpture
  • Physical Iron Person Challenges and
  • More….

Experience the best fun allowed at Bondi only minutes from Sydney CBD. A fun and exciting Amazing Race. Focused on enjoyable team building that is a bit competitive, exhilerating and rewarding for corporate groups and social groups to bond.

Corporate Fun Races involving exciting challenges, staff communication or collaboration exercises. Enjoyable and rewarding activities that will pit team against team. Colleague against colleague. To see who is the ultimate amazing race style event competitor or just out to have social fun and a laugh.

Enjoy the best Fun on Bondi Beach with an Amazing Race Covid Safely in 2021

Teams travel any which way they can to reach a series of checkpoints. Completing unusual tasks based on skills and teamwork. Then receive their Amazing Race sealed Envelope to continue onto the beach or into a bar.

After several checkpoints a bit of a Scavenger Hunt and a touch of a Treasure Hunt Discovery with a special decipher activity. The groups will make their way to the final Amazing Race pitstop celebrations. Select your venue or alllow bushsports amazing race staff surprise your teams.

Involve your team in an exclusive customised Bondi Beach corporate activities challenge with rewarding outcomes.

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  • Beach Games
  • Bondi Beach Team Building Treasure Hunts
  • Bondi Team Building Mini Olympics.
  • If that is not enough we encourage Indoor Conference Team Building activities or get outdoors with an exciting game of Beach Volleyball.
  • Still not enough for the restless and energetic?

Give them Bushsports Bondi Beach SURVIVOR Games to outwit and outplaying.