Know and Push your Limits

Discover your limits through various activities to push them further. Meet your mind and your body though groups activities and encourage each other.

We all have different abilities and degrees of willingness. That makes us able or not to do different things. The main actors are our mind and our body. We can train them to accomplish more. but both have limits. Do you know yours?

Mental Limitations

Mental limits are restrictions that are consciously or unconsciously imposed on oneself. They affect our personality, our self-image, our potential, the whole realm of our BEING.

Examples: self opinion, people’s point of view, self-defined role.

Solutions: role plays, open discussions …

Physical Limitations

Physical limits are restrictions that concern our skills, our qualities, the whole field of DOING. But our mind often speaks louder than our body.

Survivor Game

Examples: cardio, muscle strength, endurance.

Solutions: Body Hack, Survivor game

We should not ignore our limits because they protect us, but we can push them a little further. This gives us a greater scope for action.

Bushsports organize fun and exciting activities for you to discover your limits and to push them: we are challenging you!

It’s not the limits that define you. You define them.

Write to us to register your group for this challenge of self-discovery.