5 Ways to be a great support for your team re-build staff connections

Let’s re-building staff and team connections. Covid19 has been a challenging time for everyone. Even if we don’t react or live the situation the same, we all need support. It could be from family, friends, staff and colleagues.

You can be the support of someone else. It can be difficult but support is an important leadership skill. Here are 5 ways to be a good supportive person and leader.

1. Keep improving

Give the opportunity to improve and keep learning or develop skills. It is great if the job change sometimes and doesn’t look the same every day. Having the chance to improve help people to be motivated and to work harder.

2. Allow failures

Especially during a challenging time like this Covid19 pandemic, failures can happen. We are all adapting, testing and changing. Failures allow to move forward and experiment one way. This is not a big thing. It is better to get the right one on the first time, obviously, but it is not always the case.

3. Get your hands dirty

Show you are part of this unexpected adventure with everyone. You also had to adapt and adjust to the situation. You can share your experience and how you have done it and still doing it today. People will recognize your efforts and it will inspire them.

4. Prioritize

Know what is the most important and beneficial to focus on. Be transparent and share it. Involve your colleagues and team. You can create an ordered list and get everyone on the same page. Having an order will define the work and put structures in a confusing situation.

5. Be confident

Be certain in your decisions. Even if you are not 100% sure, stick to your judgment and don’t change it. It will mess everyone minds as well as yours. If you are confident, staff and employees will feel they can rely on you and stress less. It is a win-win.

Go for an amazing and thrilling outdoor activity with your team experimenting everyone’s support skill.

Don’t forget: we are all in the same situation, all together.

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