exploring team work and staff connection with guided or facilitated team building activities and amazing races from Sydney to Blue Mountains or Gold Coast.

Change your Team to Explorers – Go and Discover

Discover treasure with your team by exploring Australia!

With over 7,000,000 square kilometers of land Australia is full of secret places. Some are known and discovered, but there are certainly others that remain. It is possible that not far from your home there are some remote and beautiful pieces of land hidden away.

What would you say to go in search of these hidden treasures? Go on a journey with your colleagues for a few days to look for and discover unusual places. An adventure full of surprises to share with your everyday companions.

Prepare your boat and its crew

Like Christopher Columbus, go discover the unknown land. Take your inspiration from the world’s greatest explorer. It’s an adventure that’s worth it: discovering yourself and others, developing communication, cohesion, trust and teamwork skills. You already have your team of adventurers, you just have to choose which part you want to explore.

Between land and ocean, be an explorer: complete the map.

  • Heart of the Blue Mountains
  • Northern Territory Environment
  • Tasmania
  • Lake Macleod
  • Red Centre
  • Loh Ard Gorge
  • and more

You will only have a half-finished card, and you will have to complete it. Prepare all your senses: vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Everything will be used.

You can also do it as a race. Click HERE

Get ready and Explore

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