Survivor Challenge Events and Team Building Activities

Survivor testimonial; “Absolutely amazing is all I can say. Bushsports Survivor was the best teamwork development day I have ever experienced. The facilitation was excellent with execution of the highest professional standard. I believe this will mark the future success of Biotronik Australia”. General Manager, Sales.


Survivor events for corporate groups facilitating Immunity Challenges, Games, Events, Activities with a real life Tribal Council rewarding your teams Sole Survivor. Professionally hosted by the Bushsports team, facilitating your desired outcomes in an outdoor team building setting. From interactive incentive rewards, celebratory staff parties to corporate group training and cooperative leadership exercises.

Your Tribe Has Spoken;

Survivor tribes complete rewarding team challenges to be awarded Jury Bones. Allocated to the most deserving tribal members. Providing a right of passage to Tribal council. Immunity challenges are custom built to suit all locations, conference venues, meetings, hotels your offices with adventure activities adapted to suit all peoples physical abilities.

Bushsports Survivor Events and Team building Activities in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Gold Coast go Australia wideSurvivor team building activities on Islands





Individuals allocated to Corporate Tribes band together to fight for Immunity. Achieved through successful communication, collaboration and cohesion the tribes win Reward in skills based activities. Achieving success by completing fun Immunity Challenges. Rewarded with a real hand crafted Survivor Immunity idol to keep.

Develop team bonds,  communicating more effectively. Problem solving collaboratively. Experience positive team interactions. Improving leadership skills. Motivate your staff by trading the office for the outdoors with real activities that test the brain. Bushsports adventure training staff facilitate puzzles, search and retrieve activities, obstacle courses in the search for the best Survivors. We cater for all groups and ability levels from Fun to high level corporate training.

sydney adventures enquiry linkSucceed together enjoying strategic team games and initiative based team exercises. Tailored to your organisations event requirements. Ideal to motivate, encouraging teams to be resourceful. New outdoor activities for teams to think on their feet, problem solve and establish a rewarding teamwork environment.

OUTDOOR EVENTS for 15 to 500 Survivors

Suitable for all corporate group events and small conference meeting break outs of any size. Regardless of ability, fitness or strength. Flexible outcomes for business and sales teams improving teamwork. Work toward a natural flow of communication. Execute strategic team meetings. Enjoyment and fun together with a friendly sense of competition. Great locations by the water, beaches or in remote bushland areas.

ACTIVITIES to select your Survivor favourites or allow Bushsports to replicate previous CHALLENGES

  • Navigation by map orientation collecting Survivor tree mail messages to get the games started.
  • Rettel tribes race to collect letters and complete word puzzles to succeed.
  • Spiders Web Tribes communicate, negotiate and physically cooperate to exit
  • Sling Shot Firing will set your tribes on target. Accurately and with precision. Firing professional 4 person sling shots
  • Raft Build Relay Tribes build rafts. Utilising poles, drums, tape and rope to bond the team
  • Mute Line Up, voices are lost as tribes reorder positions utilising non-verbal communication
  • Search and Rescue, blindfolded tribes retrieve and rescue essential supplies. Leaders are rotated ensuring all Survivors experience the role of leading teams to success
  • Fire Building represents life
  • Billy Boil Competition. The first team to boil their billy wins immunity and reward
  • Mindfield: Enter the mind field. A challenge of communication, cooperation and strategy. Direct your tribe member to defuse reactive mines. All the mines must be cleared in a race against time to evacuate safely
  • Water retrieval for survival
  • Obstacle courses and Ropes Course challenges
  • Puzzles for lateral thinking
  • Communication relays
  • Archery shooting at targets
  • Raft Building Activities and Water Regatta exercises
  • Shelter Building challenges
  • Clay Pot Smashing
  • Spear Throwing
  • Archery


It is in the tribal council that Survivors cast their vote. The Jury Bone Holders share personal experiences. Reviewing team and individual strategies. The wits, skills, and personal attributes that made their teams stronger. The ultimate tribe is awarded the Bushsports handcrafted immunity idol. Survivor replica challenges developed with quality hosts supplied. Immunity Idols can include African or Australian themes.


Half day activities 2-4 hours, Full day events. 4.5-6.5 hours. Ideal to match with a BBQ lunch and catering options. Multi-day Survivor Packages designed around conferences, midweek or weekends from 1/2-3 days.


Bushsports is fully mobile to all locations, hotels and conference centers. We venture to exclusive venues from Sydney Olympic Park, Lane Cove, Centennial Park to The Blue Mountains.

Crossing teams over Sydney Harbour via historic Ferry and water taxis to the beaches of Manly. Receiving immunity to disease through Quarantine within the Q Station.

For conference groups heading south Coogee Beach is an ideal location. Invigorating businesses in North Sydney with outdoor events at Macquarie Park, North Ryde and Lane Cove.

If meeting in Sydney, we suggest Bicentennial Park, Parramatta Park, Centennial Park or The Domain Sydney. Sail our Tall Ship boats out to Cockatoo Island, Clark or Shark Island. Visit the Blue Mountains at The Fairmont Resort, Old Leura Dairy or Lilianfels and the newly refurbished Hydro Majestic.

Hunter Valley rewards and team building experiences can be tasted with wine at Cypress Lakes. The Peppers Convent, Sebel Kirkton Park. Or Hunter Valley Crowne Plaza, the Hunter Valley Resorts and Hotels are ideal venues.

In the Southern Highlands near Bowral. We have a selection of conference venues and training spaces from Cragieburn to Milton Park and Gibralatar Hotels. Along with Peppers Manor House.

Bushsports Survivor Games facilitates events for all guests of IHG, Accor, Mantra and Peppers Resorts. Around Terrigal Crowne Plaza and Hunter Valley Crowne Plaza.

Including Mercure, Pullman and Novotel clients we suggest Sydney Olympic Park and Sydney CBD hotels.

Corporate escape conference packages

For the more adventurous. Experience the ultimate Survivor Komodo Islands in Indonesia. A four day team building & conference package with all inclusions. Including feeding wild Komodo Dragons. Then dive with Manta Rays off coral reefs. Build real Survivor rafts and sail between remote and stunning Islands. Celebrating Survivor Tribal Council on the last night with luxury accommodation and gourmet food rewards.

Survivor Event REFERENCES

100% ! “Absolutely amazing is all I can say. The best teamwork development day I have ever experienced. The Survivor event facilitation was excellent and the execution of the highest professional standard. I believe this will mark the future success of Biotronik Australia”. Greg Thompson, General Manager, Sales – Biotronik.

“The Survivor activities for Intercall was a fantastic success; all participants experienced significant growth. Team cohesiveness was improved on all counts and a challenging yet great fun time was had by all”. Intercall HR.ING banking team building client

Previously on survivor our team building clients Include. Corporate Castaways;

  • MEP, RGA, Subaru, DIVA, Google. Biotronik, PwC, Maxxium
  • Land Water Australia, Jones Lang LaSalle, HP
  • Nestle, Intercall, Nokia. Business leader teamsciti group bank team buiklding activities
  • CBA, Xpedite, Citigroup, AGFA, Fosters
  • ING, Network Appliance
  • ANZ, CA, AMEX, Macquarie Bank, FMK and Arnott’s
  • Link to Survivor Australian Outback here.

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