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Test your leadership during a Covid Safe Bushsports event for team

Test and improve your leadership skills and capacities during challenging time with a thrilling Bushsports event and activities.

Covid19 is changing our way to interact and work as a team. A leader has the important role in this situation to help your team to stay productive and make sure every member is taking care of.

Trial your leadership skills!

Encourage while jumping trees to trees on Ropes Courses

Take your team for half a day up trees and keep motivation active. Encourage your staff and employees to on his own jump from one point to an other, backed up by the rest of the team.

Work under pressure during a Canyoning journey


Go on an amazing trip experiencing abseiling waterfalls, rock climbing, and invigorating pools. Shift you perspective and drive your team through unknown and adventure.

Keep the team united experiencing Mountain Bike Adventure

Explore The Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Southern Highlands during a group activity. Stay as one to reach your final point and enjoy Konrad’s advices, an amazing and performed mountain biker.

Solve problems with a themed Treasure Hunt

Choose a place and go on a journey to uncover the mystery. Be the captain pirate and lead your team discovering clues, solving puzzles and challenges. Explore new Covid Save path to reach your goal.

Engage members building bikes for charity


Get your team together with a charity program to motivate, inspire and engage. Build bikes for kids with your colleagues using communication and collaboration.

Strengthen trust and team bonding with a Survivor event

Trial the extraordinary TV show with your tribe. With amazing team activities and immunity challenges improve your teamwork, empower members and team capacities.

Bushsports custom build your activity and event to your team.
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