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Present is more powerful – Enjoy Face-to-Face Reunited Team Building Activities

Despite Zoom or Skype, Covid19 took us away from our colleagues and the connection we had. But Thrill Team Building Event has the solution: OUTDOOR TEAM BUILDING EVENT!!!

In order to protect ourselves and others, we confined ourselves and had least interaction as possible. So we adapted and worked from home, and we developed remote communication techniques: Zoom, Skype, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.. But what about team bonding?

This type of remote communication allows us to stay in touch and exchange information in order to work. But it has lost the notion of authenticity, humanity, personal exchanges. These aspects are however very important. We are not machines. We have feelings that are also sensors of information.

Face-to-face communication allows us to benefit from non-verbal language: gestures, attitudes, facial expressions, clothing, posture, etc. And to be more natural, “real”, which bring a lot of authenticity.

Now we can go out again while respecting social distances and restrictions, let’s find this connection again. What could be better than enjoying outdoors team bonding activities?

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