It’s Time to Play Home Survivor

Are you in Survivor mode, at home working and possibly losing contact with your team? It’s time to re-think and act positively. During COVID-19 you may have to stay or work from home. But that does not mean that you need to miss out on connecting with your work mates.

We can choose to view this new situation as a challenge and begin working toward successful outcomes.

HOME SURVIVOR: the newest team building remotely game.

Get your game face on for a series of home based, online immunity challenges. Home Survivor rewards patience, creativity, self-analysis, and ability to deal with change through adaptation.
  • Take it on the chin
  • Being tolerant

– Keep yourself busy
– Create something from what you have around you

– Questioning oneself
– Meditation, yoga

– Mentally
– Physically
– Actively

– Escape mentally
– Connect with employees to create new strategies
– Problem solve collaboratively


A home survival team training program that is facilitated online, suitable for everyone in your business to connect, strategise, problem solve and communicate more effectively.

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