Escape Home Routine Through Covid-19

During the Corona pandemic I am getting in a routine. Because I can’t go out and experiment new things as I liked to do, I am feeling bored and a bit depressed. I need to escape from the idea of being lock-down to feel better.

How ?

At this moment came to my mind the idea to create something. Keeping my mind busy on something positive.

As I wanted to buy a jewelry tree, I decided to create one! After some research on Pinterest I knew how to do it.

  1. Make the base – pour resin in a silicone muffin container, and wait until it dries.
  2. Find a good branch – I went in the garden and found a stick with the perfect shape to hold all my necklaces.
  3. Dig a hole – size of the branch, make a hole in the middle of your base, half way deep.
  4. Get your tree up.
  5. Hang your jewelry on your tree.

As it was a good experience and I really enjoyed it, my roommates and I decided to have « Creative evening » every Friday. So far we painted a lion, a bird and created a photo holder.

What is it going to be for you?

To escape your routine and be creative, call us! We will give you ideas, tell you what you need and the steps to follow. You can start by having an idea of what you want HERE.