Reconnecting with the Outside World after Covid-19

After being asked to stay home for our own safety during Covid-19 crisis, we can start going out again. But how do we feel about it?

The Covid-19 health crisis was a sudden upheaval in our lives. We were denied the opportunity to go out, to enjoy restaurants, bars, all public places where we could meet. And we were asked to stay home, have as little interaction with others as possible. A forced situation that lasted 2 months. We also were constantly confronted with the number of victims and saw the devastation all over the world. A feeling of insecurity has set in.

Today we are allowed out again, public places are reopening. But are we ready? After feeling a strong and sudden feeling of fear, what to think about returning to a “normal” life.

Some may be more than happy to be able to socialize again, go in the city, get out. Time was getting very long. But others might be worry and reluctant. It is important to do it step by step.

  • Go for a walk in a park with 1 or 2 friends
  • Walk around the city
  • Have a takeaway coffee or meal
  • Eat in a restaurant / Have a drink at a bar with friends
  • Take public transport\

Slowly, step by step as we adapt, we will build or rebuild our routine. To start reconnecting with the outside world in complete safety, go on a day adventure in the wilderness with your friends.

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