Adventure Team Building in 2019 Looking Forward to a 2020 Vision

Creating team building adventures for businesses, corporate groups, managers and leaders is a rewarding role for us at Bushsports. Since 1972 when the organisation was first incepted there was a vision for the future. Training people to be responsible, safe and continue seeking new adventures to keep the human spirit alive.

Significant components included building trust, developing initiatives balanced with creative problem solving in challenging environments. That bore intrinsic rewards for those that dug deep and gave 100%.

100,000 adventurers later it is time to reassess. Looking to the future and influencing what that will be. This vision gives purpose to those that we surround ourselves with. For 2020 Bushsports aims to have industry leaders focus on sustainable adventures, both close to urban areas for short yet impacting experiences. As well as remote locations with multi-day adventures that really challenge the mind and body.

If a 2020 vision that incorporates adventure resonates with you or your organisation. Bushsports corporate team would love the opportunity to discuss and fufill your ideals.