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3 Tips to develop a ‘can do’ attitude during Covid19

Adapt to change by developing a Covid Safe ‘Can Do’ attitude and find your positive, proactive way through the pandemic with Bushsports tips and activities.

With your team explore and define your ‘can do’ attitude method to get through Covid times. Think positive, make the change, keep the best.

1. Be a team Self-Motivated

  • Turn negative into positive: transform fear, anxiety or concern into a boost and challenge to push you moving forward
  • Reward accomplished task: even the small ones, celebrate success with your team
  • Keep your goal in mind: remember the big picture and what you are looking to achieve
  • Be self-efficacy: believe in your team capacities and abilities

2. Stay positive

  • Have the control: embrace fact you control your attitude and take a moment to breathe when you need
  • Avoid negative people: be close to positive persons, get their energy and try to stay away from negatives thoughts
  • Use positive language: replace « I can’t » or « it’s impossible » with motivating sentences like « it’s a challenge ». By avoiding negative words or expressions you are building a positive mindset
  • Develop your resilience: learn to bounce positively. Bushsports events and activities are perfect to experience and improve resilience. Check it HERE

3. Change your daily habits

  • Express gratitude: take the time to be thankful and note a positive aspect from your day
  • Smile more often: try to be more smiling, it will send good vibes to others and to your own mindset
  • Practice meditation: it is a great way to reduce stress and to refocus on yourself and your needs. A 10 minutes session is enough
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle: get all the energy you can, eat good food, practice sport and make sure you have enough sleep

Enquire NOW and Bushsports will help you to develop a ‘can do’ attitude through activities with amazing facilitators.