Team Building Canoe and Sea Kayak Adventures near Sydney

Strengthen your team during Covid Safe fun and amazing activities for groups

With a large range of activities and events for all abilities, Bushsport is the solution to strengthen your team during Covid Times.

Develop you skills and capacities as a team to be united and strong during Covid19 pandemic and after. Experience Team Building events and activities with your tribes in extraordinary locations across Australia.

« Now it’s time to get your tribe strengthened »

Konrad Lippmann, Bushsports facilitator

Test boundaries

Try skydiving and jump in the air, or go on a journey with your team through Blue Mountains enjoying canyoning, including abseiling, water jumps, bushwalking, wading, and climbing. Trust amazing Bushsports guides to secure the activity and make you test your limits.

Develop teamwork and collaboration

Work on your communication and cohesion experiencing rafting activities, from building the raft to a fun race at Whitewater.

Corporate Team Building Survivor activities on the beach


Reward and motivate your team with an amazing after noon outdoor activities like high rope course. Excellent to share a great moment and encourage your colleagues.

Improve problem solving

With your team, improve your skills and abilities in solving problem along an exciting treasure hunt or scavenger hunting. Pick a location with a matching story and go on a journey to hone your methods.


Jump on the highest challenge with your tribe and strengthen your teambond: try an amazing Survivor event. Full of activities to keep your team challenged while developing teamwork. « Achieving success by competing » KP

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